Vertical Air SOLUTIONS

A new way of doing things

When we made the switch to LEDs, we learned that we could get the lights much closer to the plants.  Because of this, we realized that we had a lot of extra space in our grow rooms….vertically.


Since multi-tiered farming in the California cannabis space wasn’t exactly “a thing”, to say the least, we reached out to a company called Pipp (who had previously made vertical mobile storage racks for retail and industrial markets) and together designed their first mobile, vertical racking system for horticulture.  Since then, we have more than doubled our yields in any one space.  Fog City Farms helped pioneer the vertical space for California growers, and through our partnership, Pipp is now the top selling vertical mobile racking company for horticulture in the entire country.

FOG CITY FARMS is reshaping indoor farming

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